Host My Server is a reliable, secure and high-performance server hosting platform. Host My Server is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Unlike standard hosting environments HMS focuses on three key areas: Performance, availability and security. We have used industry leading security technology known to prevent most modern-day malware attacks as well as proven access control mechanisms and multiple security check points to ensure that only authorised users have access to their cloud infrastructure.

Using industry best practice to fully manage each Customer’s server environment and bundled together with a maintenance and support plan with a leading IT company in South Africa, Host My Server ensures your server is managed and kept up to date with the latest security and maintenance patches.

Performance, Scalability and Access

Hardware is chosen to easily manage today’s workload and is highly available under Microsoft Azure’s 99.99% uptime guarantee. A high-speed secure network is used to move traffic around the cloud infrastructure. Traffic is never exposed to the internet, so cannot be intercepted even within the Azure environment.

As your business grows, so do your infrastructure requirements. Host My Server is upward scalable as well as outward scalable for multi-server requirements all under the same bundled secure platform. If more RAM, more CPU cores or more disk space are needed, these can be customised on request. As there are many different variations for this, a quotation would need to be raised depending on the specific requirements

Best of breed firewall and VPN gateway devices are in place to manage access to your cloud environment. This can be in the form of either a Client to Site VPN or a Site to Site VPN. In both cases a secure IPSEC VPN tunnel is created through which only Remote Desktop traffic can flow, further securing against the possibility of malware spread even through the VPN tunnel.

Identification, authentication and protection

The VPN user is identified, and the VPN tunnel is only able to connect to resources belonging to the specific Customer with no connectivity to the resources of any other Customers on the platform. This ensures total segregation between customers.

All authentication occurs through a common directory service which defines groups and users as well as a specific group policy over all hosted servers and enforces strict password and user actions within the individual environments.

All servers come with a top line anti-malware and ransomware protection. In addition to signature based malware identification, the chosen product has built-in machine learning and AI capabilities which detects irregular machine behaviour and prevents any suspicious processes from running. This is key for defending against zero-day attacks.

Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

All servers are monitored for potential threats as well as irregular behaviour or resource usage, which could signify a security issue or a low resource issue. Technicians can remedy the problem or take the required action to upgrade the server hardware. Technical support personal are on standby during office hours to help with any issues.

Servers are also monitored for excessive resource usage or disk space limitations arising from the Customer’s use of the server. Customers will be notified of these events and any work done by the support team with the customer’s signoff will be an additional cost under the support contract.

Monthly maintenance on all servers is done to ensure the server is running at its peak and any exposed security vulnerabilities are patched within the required timeframe. In addition, any scheduled maintenance quiet on the data center or HMS platform would be communicated to the Customer support person on record.

Backup, disaster recovery and data protection

All servers are backed up into independent storage vaults daily. These vaults are maintained for 30 days before being overwritten. Disaster recovery and backups to an alternate location can be arranged on request. Backups can be recovered on a per server basis or per file basis.

Data stored on the Customer server will not be viewed, accessed or redistributed by the Administrators of HMS. As the server is accessible by any user with the given credentials, HMS cannot be held responsible for its safety. It is the responsibility of the Customer to implement good security practice in terms of usage policies & procedures and adequate user training. HMS is only responsible for the virtualized Hardware and surrounding infrastructure within the HMS platform and the maintenance thereof. Additional IT support is optional and is available under a
separate SLA agreement signed by the Customer and Host My Server.

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