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Ensuring your business is on the right track, Coltek’s IT consultants work with business owners to assess vulnerabilities, potential, and shape technology strategies, providing a timeline to ensure you are working as efficiently as possible.

Business Technology Solutions


Empowering your business through IT innovation, Coltek subscribes to the belief that simplicity is the key to productivity. Coltek’s business technology solutions stand to streamline your day-to-day IT. Taking a holistic view of business technology, from e-mail and document management to access, storage, and encryption, Coltek works with you as a strategic partner in designing solutions.



What is the value of peace of mind? In the modern business landscape, IT security is critical to minimising risk and ensuring your valuable applications and data are kept in well protected environments to avert disaster.

Security Solutions


IT security is business security. Taking measures to ensure you are as protected as possible from ransomware and taking the time to implement back-up and recovery systems is an investment in the protection of your data and yourself. Coltek’s security solutions are designed to ensure POPI (Protection of Personal Information) compliance and avert the costs of a loss of productivity and resources through comprehensive data management strategies.




For enterprises of all sizes, an investment in the right infrastructure means an investment in ongoing and smooth operation. Across a range of devices, your hardware forms a key component of your IT strategy.

Infrastructure Solutions


From networks and servers to desktop, laptop, and mobile hardware, your business IT environment relies on machinery to operate. In advising on the best equipment for the job to develop succession plans, Coltek works IT infrastructure into your technology strategy to ensure you have access to top-quality equipment with the right warranties and service level agreements to keep your business running optimally.




Who do you call on when things go wrong? When IT interruptions bring operations to a standstill, call on a team of expert technicians to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Service Support Solutions


With a service team able to monitor servers and network connections remotely, every business stands to benefit from partnering with a team who are able to identify and solve issues before they arise. By utilising Coltek’s support service, a team of technicians are on call to ensure your business runs without impediment.