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In assessing risk to your business, back-up and security stand to have dire and far-reaching effects for your business. With ransomware attacks on the rise and the constant threat of unforeseen system failures, having the right security measures in place and effective back-up and recovery systems are a fundamental part of your technology strategy. Coltek is able to assess and implement the necessary systems as part your disaster management strategy.


You cannot put a value on peace of mind. As your strategic partner, your security is Coltek's concern.


If you lost your data today, what effect would it have on the running of your business? Coltek is able to effectively back-up your data and settings to secure environments for easy recovery in case of corruption or deletion - giving you access to your critical information at all times.

On a global scale, how businesses store information has come under legal scrutiny. Where sensitive information is collected, stored, processed, and shared irresponsibly, companies open themselves up to liability through the Protection of Personal Information Act and the General Data Protection Regulations. Coltek

Through virus protection, encryption, and document management solutions, revolutionise how you store information - and how it is accessed through Coltek


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