IT Administration and Support


By working with Coltek, you are employing so much more than your average IT guy. They are a strategic technology partner. That means building a long-term relationship for your sustained technology and business success. From monitoring and management to disaster recovery, their team of expert consultants are dedicated to keeping your technology systems working for you.


For a monthly fee, Coltek’s team of experienced technicians are on call to assist your business with IT administration and support. When it comes to technical glitches, time is of the essence for businesses. Offering four-hour turnaround times, their pragmatic team effectively applies their expertise to get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

Operating behind the scenes, Coltek’s support services include remote monitoring of servers and network connections to ensure the smooth running of your business technology.

Prevention is better than cure. Coltek’s expertise and their vested interest in all of their partners means they are always on the lookout for potential issues. This means they are often able to pre-empt and prevent outages that would have an effect on your business continuity.

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